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Clara and her family live in Columbia. They want to walk to school everyday but there are no sidewalks and no crosswalks. Too many of our streets are not accessible or safe for walkers, cyclists, bus riders or people with disabilities. As a result, it is dangerous and challenging for people getting to work and walking to school and for people with disabilities traveling independently. People also are getting less physical activity.

We need a world-class complete streets law

We need a world-class complete streets law that would require developers and the county to design safe and connected roads for everybody, not just cars. It’s good for health, the environment and the economy.

The county has only offered weak proposals. Urge County Executive Calvin Ball and the County Council to pass the kind of complete streets law we deserve.

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Streets for All Members Support WalkHoward Plan at County Council Hearing

Howard County needs better sidewalks, crosswalks, bus landing pads and paths so people can safely and comfortably walk anywhere they need to go. Research shows that improving a community’s walkability can improve public health, the environment and the local economy. It will also help us create a more equitable community where all people can get to where they need to go safely and easily, especially for those without access to a car or other transportation.

We appreciate all the great work by the County Executive and his administration to complete the Howard County Pedestrian Master Plan, known as WalkHoward. We fully support these efforts to create a more walkable Howard County and we appreciate the opportunity to provide input on the draft plan and that the administration was receptive to many of our suggestions.

In particular, we applaud the inclusion of a project prioritization process that will build sidewalks and pedestrian …

Streets for All Supporters Testify at First County Budget Hearing for FY 2021

On Monday night, Howard County Executive Calvin Ball hosted the first public hearing to formulate his proposed FY 2021 budget. The Streets for All Coalition was there to testify in support of the $2.75 million requested by the county’s Office of Transportation for bike infrastructure projects, and to advocate for a more robust investment in building and improving sidewalks, crosswalks and other projects to improve safety and connectivity for pedestrians. The county has increased overall funding for biking and walking projects each year over the past several years. Clearly, we are moving in the right direction and making smart investments in our future. We must continue this progress and help Howard County become a leader in biking and walking. More importantly, we must prioritize bike and pedestrian infrastructure projects in areas with the most need — namely Guilford, Elkridge, Savage and Jessup — where upgrades have lagged for far …

WJZ: “Sidewalks to Nowhere”

“Sidewalks To Nowhere: Group Wants Howard County To Take Action On ‘Complete Streets’ Effort” Reported by Mike Schuh, WJZ, Nov. 11, 2019

Our Streets for All coalition has been ramping up the pressure to encourage Council Chair Christiana Mercer Rigby to introduce complete streets legislation in the Howard County Council before the end of this year. Last week, Pastor Tyrone Jones of the First Baptist Church of Guilford, community member and mother of three Annalisse Daly and the Horizon Foundation gathered for an interview with WJZ to show the need for safer streets and sidewalks. Thank you Pastor Jones and Annalisse for sharing your experiences to showcase why Howard County needs a complete streets law.

Watch the WJZ story.

Is there a place in your neighborhood you wish had a sidewalk or bike lane? We want to see it!

This Wednesday, November 20, the Horizon Foundation will be hosting an …