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Streets for All Resolution

  • BECAUSE many areas of Howard County are not easily or safely traveled by pedestrians, bicyclists, public transportation users, people in wheelchairs and children; and
  • BECAUSE safer, more accessible active transportation networks increase physical activity, which can reduce the risk of chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes and obesity; and
  • BECAUSE equitable transportation via a complete streets law will greatly improve the health, economic opportunity and overall well-being of residents in communities that have a legacy of under-investment; and
  • BECAUSE safer streets and more accessible transportation networks will enable people with disabilities, children and seniors to more easily access grocery stores, schools, medical care, local businesses, economic opportunities and places of worship; and
  • BECAUSE better access to safe transportation will enable local businesses to recruit and retain a diverse, 21st century workforce in Howard County and boost economic growth; and
  • BECAUSE reducing car use will help reduce our community’s carbon footprint and promote cleaner air.


My organization will:

  • Join the Streets for All coalition in its quest to secure a world class complete streets law that will bring more equitable transportation and promote better health for all in Howard County.
  • Support Streets for All coalition activities and events that will help advance the passage of a complete streets law and equitable implementation. 
  • Educate our members and/or affiliated organizations on the importance of complete streets and how providing safer, equitable and accessible transportation will improve the quality of life for all in Howard County.