Howard County Council Members Propose Harmful Budget Amendment

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Howard County Council Members Propose Harmful Budget Amendment

Yesterday, we received the alarming news that Howard County Council members Jung, Walsh and Yungmann announced a budget amendment that would cut millions from the proposed FY 2021 capital budget. The cuts include nearly $4.5 million in funding for projects to improve bike and pedestrian infrastructure – a 59% cut to the budget proposed by County Executive Calvin Ball for these purposes. In addition, proposed cuts to road resurfacing projects that are critical for bike improvements brings the total number of cuts to our infrastructure to $9 million.

Without this funding, Howard County will not be able to fix our unsafe/deadly intersections, help our kids walk safely to/from school, make it possible for those in wheelchairs to safely get around, and create safe bike paths and sidewalks that connect us. Whether you live in Wilde Lake, Harper’s Choice, Hickory Ridge, Town Center, River Hill, or even Clarksville, Fulton, Elkridge, Dorsey, or Ellicott City, these cuts will make it harder and less safe for you and your families to get around on foot, on a bike, in a wheelchair and in a car.

If enacted, these cuts will disproportionately harm low-income populations, people of color, seniors and people with disabilities. They would also decimate our walkways, bikeways and streets at a time when so many of us are relying on them for physical activity and to get to essential businesses.

We know that these are challenging times, but we should not be cutting the budget on the backs of members of our community being hit the hardest right now. No matter where you live in Howard County, we need your help today! The vote on these cuts will take place early next week.

Tell Council members to REJECT these cuts to bike and pedestrian infrastructure. 

We have no time to waste. The County Council is set to vote on the budget on May 27, just a few days from now. Contact Council members Jung and Walsh and tell them to vote NO on these harmful cuts.

Cutting funding for these projects to improve bike and pedestrian infrastructure will set Howard County back for years when it comes to safer walking, biking and driving. 

Creating opportunities for all members of our community to bike, walk and get to where they need to go safely and easily is more important than ever. Tell the County Council to REJECT these cuts.